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【托福独立写作】 Independent Writing

100710 CN

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Professional athletes who receive high salaries, such as football and basketball players, deserve what they get.

110827 NA

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Patience is usually not a good strategy; we should take action now rather than later.

110108 CN

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The food we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eat today.

121116 NA

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should support artists rather than allow them to support themselves.

120520 CN

People care more about public recognition than about money. Even if no more money is given, public recognition can still make people work harder.

121207 NA

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teaching was a harder job in the past than it is today.

130927 NA

Some people argues using a cleaner energy to protect the environment, but some people says the traditional energy sources such as coal and oil is less expensive, what is your suggestion?

120525 NA

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is never a reason to be impolite/rude to another person.

【托福综合写作】 Integrated Writing

121208 CN

Reading: 3 ways to make coal burning more environmentally friendly.

1. Coal burning can be more efficient by using new technology such as high pressure.

2. Coal washing can remove sulfide and other chemicals.

3. Carbon recapture and storage. Recycle CO2 and deposit them in the sea.

Listening: 反对:

1. Population will increase by 13% in next full years but the efficiency can only increase by 10% with the new technology. Demand of energy increase will compensate the saved amount of the increasing efficiency.

2. Coal washing transfer the pollution from the air to the ocean.

3. Carbon recapture will be very expense and risky. If the carbon leaks out, it will be very dangerous both for the environment and human being.

131011 NA

Reading: anting behaviour of birds .文中给了三个原因:

1. ant释放的forge acrid可以像lotion一样保护在夏天刚刚换新皮毛的小鸟,

2. ant释放的forge acrid可以作为chemical防止mites等害虫的攻击,

3. ant可以作为鸟类的食物。

Listening: 全否认了观点。

1. 夏天的蚂蚁很活跃,所以很容易被找到,在鸟身上的蚂蚁可能纯属偶然。

2. 不能证明mites的多少与acrid有关,有acrid的mites多或者少不确定。

3. 很多鸟并不吃ant,也许仅仅是为了收集。

110709 CN

Reading:The article introduced a kind of plant which called GM (Gene Modification) crop. It has three major benefits:

1. It is good for the environment because it has the resist-gene. Using GM crop can reduce the use of pesticide.

2. It can help poor farmers around the world. GM crop can also have good yield in dry season which will profit the farmer.

3. GM plant can add missing nutrients for people in specific area. For example people eating a lot rice lack of Vitamin A, so GM rice which had added Vitamin A in it can help people gain what they missed.

Listening:The lecture totally disagreed in those three aspects:

1. If the resist-gene is got by the wild crop, it will grow out of control which brings more damage to the environment.

2. Those GM crop cannot help farmers economically because they need to buy those GM seeds every year instead of using the seeds they got from the last season. It is more costly.

3. The Vitamin A added in the rice is not enough. The more efficient way to deal with this problem is encouraging those people eating more vegetable like sweet potato.

090516 CN

Reading: 连锁超市和地区市场的利弊。阅读观点:

1. 本地食物更好吃有营养

2. 本地食物对环境好

3. 本地食物对当地经济可以促进,外地企业不关心当地的经济,对当地发展没有作用之意

Listening: 反对:

1. 因为农业科技的发展外地和本地食物基本差不多了

2. 在最合适的地方种水果可以减少土地开垦,对环境有好处

3. 大公司发展经济.外地公司可以为(本地)提供税收,增加收入的好处

120121 NA

Reading: 阅读说在Rhone river发现了一个bust,说这个bust就是Caesar,是罗马的一个leader.

1. 那个bust(a kind of sculpture) 是realism地形式表现 然后Caesar的时代也是realism的时代。

2. bust的hair的表现 和真实的Caesar一致 (跟money有关)

3. 因为是在river里发现,以前人们想销毁它,,有新的leader上任,留着它是不respect.

Listening: 反驳阅读论点

1. Realism continues after Caesar died.

2. Only the style of hair matches, other features do not match at all.

3. There were others sculpture also found in that river, and they were right added that bust. And throwing it into river, just aiming to dispose the trash.

130308 NA

Reading: lionfish 从Indo 洋扩展到太平洋了,阅读中有三种方法来解决:

1. 人工捕捉它们来protect coral reef 生物系统;

2. 引入fish market,这样可以减少对 local fish 的需要,让他们能有时间 recover;

3. 人们可以把它们用于日常饮食,因为它们高蛋白,低脂肪。

Listening: 教授全部反对:

1. 人工捕捉无法区分lionfish 和其他鱼,很多 rare 的鱼也都在coral reef ,会牵连其他鱼种;

2. 引进市场会导致有人人工养殖。 Lionfish 如果从 fish farm escape ,这就造成了更严重的 invasive 问题;

3. 有些lionfish 是有毒的,吃了以后会造成 vomiting numbness arching,我们无法检验每一条鱼,所以不吃他们。

130322 NA

Reading: mercury牙医用来repair牙齿的一种物质。阅读说应该被禁止。

1. 影响健康。里面有种物质吸收后会影响central nerve system带来一系列病。


3. 可以代替的材料。有很多材料可以代替她,像陶瓷,金什么的。

Listening: 反对:

1. 它只有很少的量被人体吸收。不会带来什么大问题。有些人有问题是他们过敏,然后这种过敏的比例很小。

2. 有一种device, S开头的,)(屏幕会显示。)可以COLLECT这些solids所以不会带来这些问题。

3. 这种材料持续时间长效果好,其他材料不能代替。像金。太贵了。

101030 NA

 Reading:美国的Death Valley理300kg的大石头会动(moving stones),有人试着解释:

1. 风吹动的,因为存在关于山谷里有大风的纪录,且天下雨的时候,muddy变得很平,适合让风吹动石头。

2. 地下水晚上结冰,石头就能动了。

3. 人类恶搞的。比如麦田圈就是。


1. 没有风强到能吹到石头,并且给了张照片,石头陷在muddy里,按writer的理论,石头不应该陷下去的。

2. 是沙漠,水根本不够,且温度太高,就算晚上结冰,白天就化了,没法搬动石头。

3. 如果是人干的,那一定会留下痕迹,,这种muddy里没有人能做到不留痕迹。而现场既没有人的痕迹,也没有马的痕迹。


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