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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the busy and crowded world, we should not expect people to be polite to others.

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Many high school students are doing a lot of school work already. Some people believe that students should help their parents with household chores, since it’s the best way to give them a sense of responsibility.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? To make children do well in school, parents should limit the hours that children spend on watching TV or movies.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Patience is not usually a good thing and we need to take actions at once.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The personal and work-lated challenges that young people face are not very different from the challenges their parents and grandparents faced when they were young. 130317 CN
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best leaders are those who are willing to admit if they have made a bad decision. 130810 NA
Some people like to record their life by sharing pictures and other information on social-networking sites. Others keep this information to themselves and never share it online. Which do you prefer and why?

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People care more about public recognition than about money. Even if no more money is given, public recognition can still make people work harder.

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The food we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eat today.
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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The government should support artists rather than allow them to support themselves.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People can solve important problems by themselves or with the help from their family members, so there is no need for the government to help them.

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past young people depended on their parents for making decisions. Today, young people are better able to make decisions on their own.

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Professional athletes who receive high salaries, such as football and basketball players, deserve what they get.
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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teaching was a harder job in the past than it is today.

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Students are more interested in politics today than they were in the past.

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Movies and television have more negative effects than positive effects on young people.
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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Patience is usually not a good strategy; we should take action now rather than later.

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Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research while others think they should spend more time educating students. What is your view?

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Which is more important in one's career life? The working knowledge and skills or the ability to adapt to new conditions.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for the government to spend money on new buildings than to preserve historic or traditional buildings and homes.

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Some people argues using a cleaner energy to protect the environment, but some people says the traditional energy sources such as coal and oil is less expensive, what is your suggestion?

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 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should play sports only for fun, so they should not attend competitions.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? There is no reason to be impolite (rude) to another person. Use specific examples and reasons to sport your statement.


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 Reading: 阅读说在Rhone river发现了一个bust,说这个bust就是Caesar,是罗马的一个leader.

1. 那个bust(a kind of sculpture) 是realism地形式表现 然后Caesar的时代也是realism的时代。

2. bust的hair的表现 和真实的Caesar一致 (跟money有关)

3. 因为是在river里发现,以前人们想销毁它,,有新的leader上任,留着它是不respect.

Listening: 反驳阅读论点

1. Realism continues after Caesar died.

2. Only the style of hair matches, other features do not match at all.

3. There were others sculpture also found in that river, and they were right added that bust. And throwing it into river, just aiming to dispose the trash.

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1. 学生们可以取巧,在自己的家长或者祖父母那里干活然后作为汇报;

2. 会让学生们以后远离志愿者,因为现在是学校要求,他们为了获得回报采取这么做;

3. 学校的要求是破坏学生的权利,学校没有权利强迫学生们去这样做,非法。

Listening: paragraph里面说的是没有道理的,因为:

1. 学生自己的工作汇报只是检验工作的一部分,我们和学生工作的地方的人联系,专业的机构(authority)还有官方的文件记载(official document of the city )来保证;

2. 学生们喜欢作者愿者,比如那些在医院和帮助过小孩子们的学生觉得他们的经历很好(powerful experience),并激发他们继续做下去(motivate);

3. 学校的要求不是破坏学生权利,如果高中能够要求学生来上数学课,那志愿者作为一门课程为什么就不能够实行呢,学生们在学校上课就要完成学校要求的课程。

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 Reading: 讲地洞穴画, 这个洞穴画是史前人类为了保证打猎顺利而作

1. 画里有大量动物主题,而且有些是当时首要狩猎对象,所以表现的都是狩猎场景。

2. 有出现人身兽头的图像,认为是主角是猎人。

3. 史前人类作画很多时候是因为认为画有魔力,可以通过作画影响一定的现实,所以画出来的狩猎场景就是为了保证打猎顺利而作。

Listening: 反驳观点

1. 洞穴里有大量的动物主题,但也有犀牛(F..K这个我忘记怎么拼了!!!!)和猫,这两样不怎么被狩猎,还有根本就没出现reindeer,这个是那个时候最常被狩猎的动物,没有出现,所以动物主题和打猎不一定有关系。

2. 人身兽头是因为当时的人们相信他们的祖先的灵魂会附在动物身上,为了和祖先交流,他们会举办一些仪式活动,这些兽头很可能是为了这种仪式才画上去的。而且说是猎人,那么打猎的活动猎人形象应该是站着的,可是画上的人是horizontal的,所以这个解释站不住脚。

3. 动物崇拜。人们在恐惧心理和神秘感的支配下所产生的对动物的理想寄托。画上除了描绘常见动物,也有像龙和凤凰的轮廓,证明了人们描绘动物是对神的崇拜。

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Reading:The article introduced a kind of plant which called GM (Gene Modification) crop. It has three major benefits:

1. It is good for the environment because it has the resist-gene. Using GM crop can reduce the use of pesticide.

2. It can help poor farmers around the world. GM crop can also have good yield in dry season which will profit the farmer.

3. GM plant can add missing nutrients for people in specific area. For example people eating a lot rice lack of Vitamin A, so GM rice which had added Vitamin A in it can help people gain what they missed.

Listening:The lecture totally disagreed in those three aspects:

1. If the resist-gene is got by the wild crop, it will grow out of control which brings more damage to the environment.

2. Those GM crop cannot help farmers economically because they need to buy those GM seeds every year instead of using the seeds they got from the last season. It is more costly.

3. The Vitamin A added in the rice is not enough. The more efficient way to deal with this problem is encouraging those people eating more vegetable like sweet potato.

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Reading: large animals’ extinction 如mammoth human's overkill lead to extinction:

1. North American 到达这个地方与大型哺乳动物的灭绝是at the same time.

2. 大动物以前没有遇到过predator,他们vulnerable更有利于移民来的人去kill.

3. 只发现有大动物的死的痕迹,没有发现小动物死的痕迹。

Listening: the speaker totally refused the passage she believe that there is no relationship between the extinction of large mammals in the north America and human hunting, instead she thinks that the extinction was caused by other factors such as climate change

1. the same time between the extinction and human establishment does not necessarily mean human hurting results in the extinction of those animal around 11000 years ago was a global phenomenon, they became extinct even in those places where no people lived.

2. No food preservation skills at that time could all human being to keep meat for a long time, thus, people only killed what they could eat, and therefore it is impossible for human to kill all the large mammals to make them extinct. People always move frequently at that time so they did not kill large animals at one place to make them become extinct.

3. Not only large mammals became extinct at that time, small animals such as some kinds of birds also became extinct at the time.

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Reading: 交通路口的摄像头,文章观点是不好。

1. 不能及时制止危险行为。

2. 驾驶员在没有摄像头的地方可以不安全行驶。

3. 导致更多的路口交通事故。

Listening: 反驳文章观点:

1. 罚款能更有效的使驾驶员未来安全驾驶,不会放过任何违规,交警可能错过一些。

2. 交警也是设点的,而且花费更多,摄像头因为便宜就可以全面覆盖。

3. 摄像头引起的事故都是轻微的,并且严重(侧面相撞)事故减少了 40%。

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 Reading: Asian carp, in the Greek Lakes, that has too much will damage the local environment. There are three measures to prevent :

1. Build a wall;

2. Use electrical devices;

3. Two-step measure. First, use poison kill all the fish, second, reintroduce the local species.

Listening: disagree

1. Factories near the lake, they use cargos and ships there. It will cost a lot. Ships upload on one side of the wall, and another ship reload at the other side.

2. Small fish still could swim through the device, they grow up and reproduce in lakes.

3. Drastic. No prediction, cannot ensure not pollute the lakes in the future.

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 Reading: congestion pricing。 说为了缓解交通拥堵,想要在city中的某个区域收费,这样就能缓解一下。

1. 这样做可以improve time(主要就是说节省时间).

2. 可以改善环境improve that area's environment.

3. 收的fee可以用于revenue the city 可以再修路,修桥什么的。

Listening: 逐条驳斥阅读的三个观点:


2. 在收费区里面环境可能会好点,但是周围的车相对就会增多,noise and air pollution就会多。所以不是整个city都能环境变好。

3. 有的人不能afford这个费用了,就会去坐subway,政府就得出更多的钱维护subway,这样收的钱可能还不够维护,所以也不能起到帮助修桥,修路的作用。

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 Reading: Harappan(一个古代的community) decline 的原因:

1.因为nomadic tribe(游牧)的invade,而且Harappan的painting和其他东西都表明Harappan没有军队。

2.climate change,导致agriculture decline,没有足够的surplus support更多的人口。


Listening: 反对:


2.同时期其他两个community如Egypt和不达米亚也遇到了climate change。但是他们adjust to the environment。他们能够生产出足够的食物来support人口。

3.说Harappan有很sufficient water,而且Harappan在filter water方面很excellent。因此大范围的污染是不可能的。传染病更不能大范围传播。

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Reading:美国的Death Valley理300kg的大石头会动(moving stones),有人试着解释:

1. 风吹动的,因为存在关于山谷里有大风的纪录,且天下雨的时候,muddy变得很平,适合让风吹动石头。

2. 地下水晚上结冰,石头就能动了。

3. 人类恶搞的。比如麦田圈就是。


1. 没有风强到能吹到石头,并且给了张照片,石头陷在muddy里,按writer的理论,石头不应该陷下去的。

2. 是沙漠,水根本不够,且温度太高,就算晚上结冰,白天就化了,没法搬动石头。

3. 如果是人干的,那一定会留下痕迹,,这种muddy里没有人能做到不留痕迹。而现场既没有人的痕迹,也没有马的痕迹。


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