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【托福独立口语】 Independent Speaking 

 110313 CN
1】 Which technology has made the greatest impact on people’s life in your country: airplane, computer or television?
 Some people believe that it is better for children to grow up in big cities. Others believe that it is better for children to grow up in small towns or rural areas. What is your opinion and why?

 130517 NA
2.】 Some schools require students to take part in community service activities after school. Which of the following do you think is the best activity for students? 1. Planting flowers in the community 2.doing clean-ups in the garden 3. recycling waste
 Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Teachers should make their lessons fun.

 130202 NA
3】 In your opinion, which of the following activities can bring the most benefits to children and teenagers: reading books, talking with elderly members of the community or travelling to other countries?
S2 In some cities there is a law against making noises at night such as loud music or TV. Some people support this law, while others do not. What is your opinion?

120908 CN
4】 Some people believe that students should attend field trips such as visiting zoos, museums or parks to learn knowledge. Others believe that students should stay in classrooms to learn knowledge. What is your opinion on this issue?

111113 CN
5】  How to deal with homesickness? Please include specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

081130 CN
6】What do you think is ONE of the most important characteristics that a teacher should have? Use reasons and specific examples to explain why this characteristic is important.
 Some people prefer to make friends with people who have similar interests to theirs. Others prefer to make friends with people who have different interest to theirs. Which kind of friend do you prefer for yourself? Why?

【托福综合口语】Integrated Speaking

 071208 CN
1、 Reading: The Announcement: The University have decision about saving energy.:1. Turn off the original lights instead of efficient light bulb; 2. Switch off the air-conditioner in library. Listening: Students' discussion: Disagree:1. The university should turn off the lights that the classrooms are not using. The efficient light bulb is too dark and they have to bring their reading lamps;2. If the university turn off the air-conditioner, in a hot day, the library will be uncomfortable. In that case, no one are going to study at there. They only can study in the dorm, however, the dorm is too noisy, very hard to concentrate.
2、 Reading: Human behaviour consists of a serial of simple behaviour. An educational method called "behaviour chaining".
Listening: Professor stated he taught his 3 years old daughter how to wash hands. The action break down into 5 steps. a. turn on the water b. wet the hands c. put some soap d. wash hands e. turn off water. The professor taught his daughter step by step until she knew every steps. After linking all the actions, his daughter knew how to wash hands finally.
3、Problem: The man is going to attend a job interview, but he forgot his suit at his parents' home. Solutions: 1. Borrow a suit from his roommate, but the roommate's suit too large. If he go for audition dressing the large suit, may give the employer a bad impression; 2. Buy a new one, but the man said it was too expensive, because he wanted to save the money to buy a new bike.

 130713 NA 
1、 Reading: 学校支持学生买报纸,两种方法提高读者数量,降价和送货上门。Listening: 女学生不同意, 1价格已经很便宜了50分, 价格没什么影响。2 没有那么多工作人员,没有人力和车。
2、 Reading: natural consequence 阅读讲的小孩做错事,大人可以不用惩罚,由着做错事的结果来惩罚孩子。Listening: 教授给了个例子,教授5岁的女儿经常把玩具放在后院,平常教授都帮女儿收拾。 一天女儿还是把玩具放在后院,教授没有帮收拾,那天晚上下雨,把她的玩具损坏了,女儿在这件事后认识到自己的错,以后再也不帮玩具放后院了。
3、 Problem: 男生要打印东西,但是他要去学校和不方便。Solutions: 1. 从同学那买个二手的打印机,但是比较容易坏,并且打印效果不好;2. 买新的,贵,但是男生还有两年毕业,可以买个新的也比较值。

130517 NA 
1、 Reading: Close communication bias 是讲你跟你很熟悉的人反而交流有障碍,因为你对熟悉的人不会再去可以解释你的习惯和习性。Listening: 教授说了一个例子。一个学生和以前的教授很熟悉,他们经常去意大利餐馆吃饭。他决定和新来的教授和以前的教授一起去吃个饭。跟新来的教授讲餐馆的信息很清楚,位置、时间都很详细,跟以前的教授直说去经常去的餐馆的老位置。新来的教授准时出现在餐馆,但是以前的教授却去了另外一家餐馆。请你根据例子解释一下。
2、Problem: 学期末,女生在一个很好的饭店订了星期四的位置让同学来聚一聚,但是有两个同学没有办法来。Solutions: 她有两个选择:一、还是在周四,但是不能带这两个同学;二、安排在周五但是周五很多同游要回家或者没时间,那他们就不能在定好的那个好餐馆。

 111209 NA 
Problem: the man can't find his camera before his trip to Spain.
Solutions: 1. he can either buy a new one, 可是很贵,旅游还要花钱,2. borrow one from his friend Jake,但是怕弄坏或弄丢。

 111113 CN
Reading: Anticipate emotion.
Listening: 教授用自己的亲身经验来解释:教授想给他老妹买礼物,但是身上却没有带很多钱。当他来到一个store的时候,教授看中了一件jacket,对此非常喜欢。但经过仔细思考之后,得出结论是自己会有一种负罪感,因为花在自己身上的比花在老妹礼物上的钱要多如果买了那件jacket的话。所以最后教授放弃了jacket.

120908 CN
1、Reading: 学生propose学校应该新生在第一年开学之前, 给他们future roommate的contact info:email地址和电话:好处1、可以让新生们早点互相认识,省的到时候开学没人认识。好处2、还可以Plan到时候带去的东西,省下空间以免浪费。Listening: woman很赞成:第一点是能让学生在进学校之前就和自己的future roommate联系这样进学校就不会太生疏谁都不认识能感觉舒服点儿(减轻压力,适应环境)。第二点是能让学生提前和自己的future roommate商量因为学校的宿舍很小如果带了很多行李 stuff 就放不下能提前商量以便于整理自己的行李(还可以商量带什么东西,避免带重复的东西)。
2、 Reading: motivation research of consumer客户购买东西的动机:是公司为了调查消费者为什么不买他们产品的调查但是有的时候消费者自己也aware不到为什么。问卷调查不能有效反映顾客的motivation . Listening: 教授说了一个例子。一个制衣cloth公司因为运动衣cloth不畅销,所以做了一个调查。他们没有直接问为什么,而是给people杂志和剪刀,让他们剪cut下来认为适合公司产品的图片。顾客剪下来的都是运动员图。所以就反映顾客认为他们的运动衣只适合运动衣,不适合大众。于是制衣公司就改进了。
3、 Problem: 男生要给一叫Sam的哥们儿送礼物因为朋友乔迁之喜打算在乔迁party上送,挑了一个bookcase 因为这哥们儿家里太空了然后这帮人回去之后发现安装了之后少零件parts missing 这不是坑人么,所以就说找店家给我们换,但是店家说要过一段时间才replace. Solutions: 男生自己给自己两个方案:方案1、换一个,商店暂时没货,要等2weeks才来新货,赶不上house warming。下周六直接送Sam家,再跟说我们送你礼物,不过太扯了; 方案2、买另外一个新的,但是更贵,超出他们预算了。
4、 Lecture:生物学的。说在一个tropical rainforest里面生活animal都在canopy上飞 tree to tree 动物们为了survive独居,领地侵犯等,进化出两种behaviour:第一种是searching food alone, individually因为这个地方的食物很分散,group一起找食物,就会不够吃。各自找会有better chance 找到更多吃的。给了例子:猩猩ape 都自己找食。第二种是make sounds保护自己的领地。穿过厚厚的叶子树来让别的兄弟知道要不然在树上飞啊飞的就会撞一起然后受伤.给了一个例子:说一种猴子 monkey 他们就大叫,来让不小心进入其领地的动物知道这是他的地盘。


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